Pro Athletes and Weed

It is no secret for the longest time, weed has been illegal in this country. That seems to be changing state by state, but not within professional sports teams. Why is that? Do the respective leagues commissioners not see the benefits in allowing weed over pushing pain pills? Do the leagues get a kick back from the pharmaceutical companies to push the pills? Or are they just that old and stubborn to change the direction of what they allow players to use for pain management?

Bottles on top of bottles of opioid pain meds seem to be the go to for dealing with pain by professional athletes and allowed by the leagues. Even though the side effects are quite alarming, which include becoming addicted very easily. Essentially what you become is a heroin addict, it is a synthetic legal version, but it is heroin. Other side effects include liver damage, brain damage, possibility of overdose, etc. It makes you really wonder why companies were even allowed to make a product such as opioids in the first place.

Cortisone shots are also a big ticket item used for athletes to decrease the pain temporarily, that could be administered at halftime of a game. What are the side effects of this? Only nerve damage, tendon weakening, thinning of nearby bone, etc., this is just another method used that destroys the body of an athlete.

The other drug of choice by athletes is Toradol, which is an anti inflammatory, that tends to cause liver and renal failure.

Now, as for the side effects of consuming marijuana. The worst of the bunch being paranoia, and the possibility of hallucinations. The benefits being a sense of relaxation, and heightened awareness. Oh no, can’t have that can we.

Coming from a non pro athlete, myself having experienced both, Marijuana by far has my vote, the potential addiction of opioids is very real, and it is very hard to kick. The best you can hope for if you’re perscribed opioids, is they make you sick the first time, and you don’t take them a second time.

Weed needs to be legal in pro sports now, because what the leagues are doing right now, is putting players in the grave earlier than they should.

The NFL didn’t seem to give a shit about concussions, they probably should give a shit about this, as well as the other pro leagues.

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