LeBron James’ Weekend Antics


Before I begin, let me first off say that Bronny James is a lucky kid to have a dad who gets excited for his son’s successes and supports him through the losses. Over the weekend, LeBron’s 9th grade son Bronny James was in an AAU tournament. Video went viral on social media of LeBron joining Bronny’s layup line and dunking the basketball when it was his turn in line. A lot of people commented on it with their own thoughts of whether LeBron should have done this as well as questioning his motives. If this had been Lavar Ball
doing this during one of his son Melo’s games (Lavar did shoot a couple of 3’s during one of Melo’s games either before or at halftime to entertain the crowd), the reaction would have been nothing but negative. From his actions and words, we have Lavar Ball figured out pretty well that he does it for attention and to bring light to his brand Big Baller Brand which is now going through an unlikely recoverable mess due to poor ratings from the Better Business Bureau and the recent arrest of former company co-founder Alan Foster for embezzling money from the company and one of its biggest clients: Lonzo Ball. LeBron James loves the game of basketball and frankly, the closest I’ve seen a player love the sport this much is in Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Going off his actions and even previous posts via social media, LeBron loves his kids and
supports them 100%. I think he was merely doing this to just have fun with the kids, one of them his own: Bronny. LeBron doesn’t have the same intentions as Lavar Ball does and it’s obvious. He has done so much charity work in his career. It was just over a year ago, he opened a school for underprivileged kids in the Akron area to get a better education and be successful in life. He also paid for that
with his own money in case you’re wondering. There’s a wise adage, “A good tree cannot bear bad fruit and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut
down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by your fruit you will recognize them.” LeBron James’ fruits are far greater than the ones produced by Lavar Ball. Before we jump so quickly to criticize him for some innocent fun with his son’s peers, look at the fruits he’s given out in his time in the league.

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