The NFL season is upon us and we are excited and can not wait for the first games. But before we get to them, we have to deal with hearing about players holding out for new or better deals. Le’Veon Bell sat out all year waiting for a deal. Will that happen again with Ezekiel Elliott and Melvin Gordon? Only time will tell. I could understand the postition of Bell. The man was good for numerous years and wanted security for putting his body on the line. Not just another 1 year deal. I get it. But with Elliott and Gordon, they have multiple years left and each team has needs to fill before they can worry about the contracts of theirs. I get that they are out performing the current contract but there are better ways to get the job done then holding out. You are letting your team down. You are letting your fans down, and more specifically, you are going to kill peoples Fantasy Football Leagues. What do y’all think or what’s the feelings about holdouts?

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