Starting NFL QB Fantasy Rankings

  1. Andrew Luck – He has improved each year since his injury, he is turning the ball over less, and he has picked up more weapons each of the last two years. 2nd in passing attempts in 2018, with 4,593 passing yards, 39 touchdowns to 15 interceptions. Luck has one of the best young offensive lines in front of him, and their running game has improved tremendously, which does nothing, but make the play action even more effective.
  2. Drew Brees – This could be one of the last few years Brees stays atop of this list, but he comes into the season with a whole lot of talent surrounding him. He finally has an elite tight end back on the team in Jared Cook, and Kamara has the ability to turn screen passes into 30,50,80 yard gains which obviously will only improve on the QB’s stats.
  3. Patrick Mahomes – No question this guy is going to be at the top of this list for years to come. Can he repeat last years performance though? 5,097 yards-50 touchdowns-12 interceptions was this young man’s stat line, my guess is no, but he won’t be too far off.
  4. Matt Ryan – Coming into the season with arguably the best receiving corps in the league, and having questions at the running back position, is a set up for a huge fantasy year.
  5. Russell Wilson – He became the highest paid player in the league, and Wilson no doubt will play like it. He has a young talented group of wide receivers, he will do just fine for your fantasy team.
  6. Baker Mayfield – In 2018, Mayfield proved he will be a boom instead of a bust. In 2019, he comes into the season with maybe the best 1-2 punch at wide receiver, in Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham. We should see his stats improve greatly having a full season to do his thing.
  7. Carson Wentz – He has already proved he can be an elite fantasy QB, he hasn’t proved he can stay on the field, this will be the year.
  8. Aaron Rodgers – The talent around him as diminished greatly, but this is still Rodgers we are talking about, he makes up for a lot of glaring holes. However, he can’t actually catch his own passes.
  9. Jared Goff – He had a tremendous stat line in 2018, but we all see what happened at the end of the year when Cooper Kupp went down. With hesitance he is in our top 10, an option at QB1, fingers crossed Kupp stays healthy.
  10. Ben Roethlisberger – Ben will be like he always in the fantasy realm, he always puts up stats.
  11. Cam Newton – The Panthers have aquired arguably the best offensive weapons Cam has ever been able to start a season with, and I believe Cam will have his best year yet, fantasy wise. Having a duel threat RB, helps that.
  12. Dashaun Watson – We already know he has the legs to put up points, if his receiver corps can stay healthy for a full season, the sky is the limit for Watson.
  13. Jimmy Garoppolo
  14. Kyler Murray
  15. Josh Allen
  16. Kirk Cousins
  17. Dak Prescott
  18. Tom Brady
  19. Philip Rivers
  20. Mitchell Trubisky
  21. Lamar Jackson
  22. Jameis Winston
  23. Derek Carr
  24. Matthew Stafford
  25. Sam Darnold
  26. Marcus Mariota
  27. Nick Foles
  28. Andy Dalton
  29. Dwayne Haskins
  30. Joe Flacco
  31. Eli Manning 
  32. Josh Rosen

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