Jerry, Do The Right Thing


P/c Washington Post

If you look throughout the NFL’s history, running backs have had a short shelf life (Emmitt Smith is one of a handful of exceptions). In this pass-heavy league, running backs are mainly lining up only to shift out as a slot receiver or stay in as an extra pass blocker. The Dallas
Cowboys have 3-4 players they need to sink their stock into over the next 4-5 seasons if they are to remain title contenders. The first player at the top of that list is quarterback Dak Prescott. He
has proven he can take care of the football, win games, and lead a franchise. He’s been making an average of $3.5 million. He needs his pay day now. Second, linebacker Jaylen Smith. He was injury prone coming out of Notre Dame, but the Cowboys took a chance, he’s paid dividends for them, and he’s stayed healthy for the most part. Reward his efforts with a long-term deal. Third, you approach wide receiver Amari Cooper. We saw what a difference he made in the Cowboys’
offensive attack and he gave Dak Prescott a legitimate deep threat to take pressure off Ezekiel Elliott. Teams no longer could stack the box. He was viewed as “left for dead” after a bad season with the Oakland Raiders, but he’s quickly revived himself in Dallas. He’s got one year left on his current deal. Jerry Jones knows if the Cowboys are going to be a legitimate Super Bowl
contender, this is a huge piece you have to keep. Receivers of Amari’s caliber don’t come around very often or they’re already inked up to long-term deals with other franchises. Fourth, you look
through your offensive line and you also sign Byron Jones at corner. He’s been your best playmaker in that secondary. Give him some love via a new deal. Now we come to Ezekiel
Elliott. Do you pay him? No. You should call up two teams right now and offer to flip him to either franchise. You can call the L.A. Chargers and see if they will trade Melvin Gordon for Ezekiel Elliott either straight up or with a pick included. This is a win/win for both teams. Gordon gets to run behind the best o-line he’s had since his collegiate days at Wisconsin. He’d also be likely to get hurt less. Gordon is also a class act off-the-field. This is a no brainer. This
second proposal is a stretch considering it is taboo to trade within your division. However, with the New York Giants making one head-scratching move after another (and my head even itches
while writing this piece), you might as well see if they would trade Saquon Barkley for Ezekiel Elliott. If you throw in a future first-round pick with Zeke, they may have a hard time saying no.
A lot of NFL gurus think Barkley is great now. Imagine how great he’d play behind that offensive line. Not to mention, how loved he would be in Dallas. There’d be your new triplet set
of Dak, Amari, and Saquon. Granted, this scenario is highly unlikely, but in the NFL anything is possible. Jerry Jones knows Zeke must be dealt with. Keep in mind, Jerry Jones is the same guy
who moved Herschel Walker, who cut Terrell Owens with years left on his deal, and even gave Dez Bryant his walking papers. Jerry knows when it’s time to move forward because he will
always put the betterment of the team as his priority. In the Cowboys case, that means moving on from Ezekiel Elliott and he will have no one to point the finger to but his own self for his
decisions and attitudes.

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