Fantasy Football

What’s up Nation? I’m back today with some Fantasy Football thoughts. If you have any questions about who to draft or who to play, hit me up. I will help you out with that as best I can. As of writing this, I’ve already done 2 mock drafts.

I know what your thinking, it’s too early for that. Well its not. We are only a handful of weeks away from the start of the season and its never too early to begin trying methods of drafting out. If you get into a mock room that lets you pick your spot to draft, that’s great. You can draft from each position and get an idea of how the draft will look from each when it’s Go Time for your actuall draft.

Depending on where you draft, the strategy can change. Personally I target the RB position early and often. The premium on that position compared to others is significant. While you can’t win your league in the first 4 rounds, you sure can lose it.

Figure out your strategy in mock draft rooms and stick to it in your draft. And remember, NEVER and I repeat NEVER draft a KICKER or DEFENSE until your last picks. Until next time, Hakuna Matata!!!


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