Smells Like False Spirit

4e0cb47485e621e40d3713ddea41f53bIf you look at your own life, there are probably times where you have wanted out of a job or a relationship. We see it every day. Now, the difference is how are you going to go about it? Are
you going to be honest and upfront? You know this job isn’t working for me, I need a fresh start somewhere else. Or, when you get the new job, you say oh I just tried to find the quickest way out of there. Paul George and Kawhi Leonard yesterday, as they celebrated uniting together with the Los Angeles Clippers. Owner Steve Balmer looked like a kid at a buy one get one half-off sale in the Wal-Mart toy department. You would think Paul George and Kawhi Leonard would be going about this a lot less brash than they did smoking Stogie cigars and talking about what is
to come. Hold on a second. Did we not see a similar type of brashness back in 2010 when the Miami Heat acquired Chris Bosh and a guy named LeBron James to play alongside Dwayne Wade? Something along the lines of, “not 3, not 4, not 5…” you know the rest of the story. To add to this, Paul George came out and basically said the trade that went down was a mutual parting of the ways. Excuse me? You were the very guy hanging out with Russell Westbrook on the 4th of July looking like you were partying with your best bro. Oklahoma City Thunder President Sam Presti came out to refute PG13’s statements and put everything on Paul George’s shoulders mentioning that George wanted to play with Kawhi Leonard and they had no desire to move him. Paul George really struck chords saying he grew up a Clippers fan. Naturally, social media went berserk and showed video during his free agency period as he was interviewed by Dwayne Wade mentioning that thrill of, “putting a Lakers jersey.” This to me has too much of a big 3 in Miami feel. Hold on now Clippers. You do know your roommate in Staples Center, the Lakers, have a Lakers roster of LeBron, Anthony Davis, Boogie Cousins, Kyle Kuzma, and Rajon Rondo, right? Have the Clippers been more successful the last 5-7 years than the Lakers? In terms of playoffs and wins, yes, they have. The Lakers still have the second most titles after the
Boston Celtics in the NBA. It is all about perspective. The Clippers have now made themselves a bullseye. Don’t think LeBron (aka King James) doesn’t hear all this chatter. You just wait. That
Clippers team, much like the Miami Heat team of the early part of this decade, will find themselves losing a title or two before they get one themselves. LeBron James is still the best player in the league and by missing the playoffs this past season, that gave his soon-to-be 35-year-old body the rest and recovery it needed. Clippers, sure it’s exciting to finally land the first
set of superstars since Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. Until you get some championship rings, these are just empty words.

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