Boastful Browns


P/c Yahoo

In sports, we typically get annoyed at teams that talk a lot of smack. Granted, the only players who are notorious for it that I’m a fan of are Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Reggie Miller
because when they talked it, they backed it up every single time. The Cleveland Browns need a reality check and they’ll get one within the first few weeks. Quarterback Baker Mayfield, despite setting records for most passing yards by a rookie and had 27 touchdowns last season, continues
to let others know he will be around for a while. Now with the arrival of Odell Beckham Jr., the noise has grown louder and is now at the “get some earplugs or noise cancelling headphones”
level. This team finished 7-8-1 in a terrible AFC North division that the Steelers practically choked away the final 6-7 games of the season. No one had figured out Lamar Jackson in
Baltimore, and Cincinnati was horrible. To add another fuse to this already huge powder keg in Cleveland, you have a head coach in Freddie Kitchens who hasn’t been more than a position
coach in the NFL. You really think when the difficult games come the old Odell who punched practice kicker nets in the Meadowlands when the Giants gagged away game after game will rear
his ugly head? You don’t think Baker Mayfield (who has many mannerisms of Johnny Manziel) will pull some of his old stunts that he did in Oklahoma (staking the OU flag at midfield at Ohio
State after the Sooners knocked off the Buckeyes, giving the bird to Kansas State fans, etc.)? The Browns are walking that tightrope between confident and cocky. That rope is tilting toward the cocky side. If you notice in previous years, regardless of the sport, typically the least noisy teams
get the job done. Why do you suppose that is the case? Are they as exciting to watch? Eh, maybe not. Are they less drama oriented? Good grief, yes indeed. Are they more successful? Typically,
the odds favor them. Will this team be fun to watch? The Browns might tempt you into purchasing NFL League Pass, but otherwise, this team will at best finish 8-8. They’re too young and too noisy. The Steelers will quietly get back on track and the Ravens have a strong enough roster to get into the playoffs once again. Remember this about the Cleveland Browns. The more barking you do, eventually, you will get tuned out.

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