1)New England Patriots- Until they prove otherwise, Brady and his bunch will stay in this position. Even though Gronk retired, they drafted a Wide Receiver K’Neal Harry in the first round, for the first time in the Belichick era, which tells me they think highly of this youngster. He stands at 6’4″ and weighs 213 pounds, sounds a little bit like Randy Moss who stood at 6’4″ and weighed in at 210 pounds.

2)New Orleans Saints- Okay, they lost Mark Ingram, but they still got arguably a top three running back in Alvin Kamara and picked up Latavius Murray. They picked up Jared Cook who was the only Raiders bright spot last year and now give Drew Brees a go to tight end once again to go along with Michael Thomas and the young Tre’Quan Smith, who is ready for a breakout season. This will be a high powered offense that might be next to unstoppable.

3)Kansas City Chiefs- Will Mahomes have a repeat performance of last year? Get better? fall off? Whatever option you go with, even if he comes down to earth a bit, it won’t be too far. The Chiefs managed to bolster their defense a bit with bringing in Tyrann Mathieu and Frank Clark. Which is what they sorely needed to do.

4)Los Angeles Chargers- While Mahomes and the Chiefs were in the spotlight, quietly the Chargers went 12-4 last season. The fire power is there on the offensive side of the ball, barring Melvin Gordon sitting out. But guess who’s is BACK, that’s right, Joey Bosa, and they added veteran backer Thomas Davis to an already scary front 7.

5)Indianapolis Colts- Andrew Luck looked real good last season, and added some weapons for him in the draft and free agency. They finally managed to develop a running game with Marlon Mack. On the other side of the ball they went out and got the pass rusher they needed in Justin Houston, you can your ass the young Darius Leonard will have that defense ready to go this season.

6)Dallas Cowboys- Look, this year, with this team, it is a real possibility they could go deep into the playoffs. If you look how they set this team up, it looks real similar to the one that made the Super Bowl runs. Great offensive line, great running back that finds all the holes, Quarterback that doesn’t turn the ball over too much, and possession wide receiver. Yes, I just went there with it! The defensive line is going to be scary. Jerry Jones got it right again.

7)Chicago Bears- You can’t underestimate the power of a top tier defense, and the Bears have it, hopefully Chuck Pagano keeps it that way. Offensively, Trubisky needs to progress, and the rookie running back David Montgomery has to live up to the hype everyone has speaking, either that or Tarik Cohen a crack at being a 3 down back. The Defense will get them there.

8)Atlanta Falcons- The Falcons sured up their offensive line. They have a solid defense. Julio Jones decided to show up to training camp even though he is working on his contract. Matt Ryan has a lot of weapons at his disposal. The one question is, can they have any resemblance of a running game when Devonta Freeman was at his best.

9)Minnesota Vikings- Defensively this team fell off last year, but I expect them to get back right this season. They drafted a running back who hopefully is not as injury prone as Dalvin Cook. We all know the kind of damage the Wideouts can do on a defense. Kirk Cousins proves this year he was the right decision to make.

10)Los Angeles Rams- Let us address the elephant in the room, with how stagnant that offense looked with Cooper Kupp sidelined, YIKES! They got to figure something out with that situation, everything else is still in place. They brought in Clay Matthews as well who has lost a step, but can still get it done.

11)Houston Texans- If that offensive line can just find a way to get it together. The offense has the potential to be elite, especially in a 3 wide receiver set if they can stay healthy. Lamar Miller needs to prove a little bit more he can be more of an elite back, or at least a very good one. Defensively on paper, they should be stout this year.

12)Philadelphia Eagles- This is simple, Carson Wentz, if he stays healthy, they make the playoffs. If he proves to be injury prone, then the Eagles put themselves in a tough spot getting rid of Foles.

13)Cleveland Browns- Yes, on paper they are coming in scary this year. They move up these rankings as soon as they prove their personalities can come together on the football field on Sundays.

14)Jacksonville Jaguars- Another example of defense rules in this league, and they are still playing at the highest level, while adding Josh Allen in the draft. They brought in Nick Foles from Philly who should be an upgrade. They lack wide receivers, so lets hope Fournette stays healthy this year.

15)Seattle Seahawks- Russell Wilson got his money, so he better show out this season like I am sure he will do. Do they have enough left on their roster to make a playoff run?

16)Tennessee Titans- They finally gave Marcus Mariota a talented bunch of wide receivers, while seeing Derrick Henry take over the offense. Things will remain the same going into this year, run the ball, let Henry bull through defenders, and play good defense.

17)Carolina Panthers- Cam Newton has his best offensive supporting cast he has ever had coming into the season. Will the Panthers be able to make something of that? Defense is a little shaky.

18)San Francisco 49ers– Jimmy G is back, and the 49ers come into the season with a whole lot of depth from all the injuries last season. oh yea, and they still got George Kittle.

19)Green Bay Packers- They have the least talented team I have seen them have in years coming into the season, but they still got Aaron Rodgers, he can make up for a lot of mistakes.

20)Baltimore Ravens- Teams will catch up to their offensive scheme, if they don’t change fast and in a hurry, they will become inaffective.

21)Pittsburgh Steelers- They lose Bell and Brown, we will see how that works out for them.

22)Oakland Raiders- Carr is back in action and they picked up Antonio Brown, we will see how they mesh, along with all the roookies and the revamped roster.

23)Detroit Lions- If Stafford can finally get it together, this might be his best shot to do something and shut up the haters, he finally has a running game. Defensively, yet to be determined.

24)Cincinnati Bengals- A whole lot of guys on the roster returning from injury, they could be a dark horse with a quiet potentially deadly.

25)Buffalo Bills– Josh Allen is a stud. Not much else going on though.

26)New York Jets– Le’Veon Bell is going to prove to be an elite player still in this league.

27)Tampa Bay Buccaneers– Last chance for Jameis Winston to prove his worth.

28)Denver Broncos– Flacco is their savior, enough said, Tua Sweepstakes here they come.

29)Arizona Cardinals– Kylar Murray has to prove it before they move up in the rankings

30)New York Giants– Until Eli stops getting the start, they will go nowhere

31)Washington Redskins– It is going to get worse before it gets better.

32)Miami Dolphins– ……..

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