BBB Goes Bust

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When Lavar Ball arrived on the scene around almost 3 years ago with the rise of Lonzo Ball at UCLA, so did his new brand that was hitting the market known as: “Big Baller Brand.” He marketed it as an alternative to the big conglomerates such as Nike, Jordan, Adidas, and Under Armour as a way to, “be your own guy.” His own sons Lonzo, Gelo, and Melo would all end up having a signature shoe with the company. Lavar, being the constant promoter, made sure the brand was on people’s mouths. Ball wore the merchandise almost every time you saw him. However, over the past 12 months, BBB began hitting some walls or in the case of the literary classic, “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” Rewind to fall 2017. The entire Ball family (minus Lonzo who was in the midst of his rookie year with the L.A. Lakers) was China bound as middle brother LiAngelo was with UCLA in an exhibition tournament. LiAngelo Ball is with some of his UCLA teammates at a mall and he’s caught shoplifting some Louis Vuitton sunglasses. This story hit the press and it was a huge blow to not only LiAngelo, but to the entire family and the brand associated with Lavar Ball. Now we have big domino number two. Around that time on into spring, it was heard that Lavar Ball continued to criticize then Lakers coach Luke Walton over his son Lonzo’s playing time, despite being told by Lakers’ hierarchy to keep his opinions about the organization and Lonzo to himself. Domino number three was none other than the arrival of one LeBron James to the Lakers. Lavar even came out and boastfully barked that Lonzo is better than LeBron and LeBron came here to play with Lonzo. The trade deadline rolls around and information leaks out that the Lakers almost had a deal in place to acquire forward/center Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans. For that trade to have happened, the Lakers would have had to give up Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, and…Lonzo Ball. That hit home immediately to Lavar. However, the chatter continued as various sports networks like ESPN and FS1 offered to interview him. Spring of 2019, news appeared that family friend and Big Baller Brand co-founder and 16.3% owner Alan Foster fraudulently took over $1 million from Lonzo Ball. Lonzo then renounces Big Baller Brand, deletes all BBB references on his social media, gets his BBB tattoo covered up, posts a video of his manager “DMO” throwing a pair of ZO2’s down a garbage chute, and Lonzo then posts a pic on Instagram leaving you with the impression he was leaving for Nike. The family also distanced themselves from Alan Foster after these findings came to the surface. This essentially caused BBB to lose many of their fans as well as any credibility they had. Within the past two weeks, a BBB table was spotted at a California area volleyball tournament selling discounted BBB merchandise. Shoes that just a few months prior would’ve sold for $450, were now selling for $100. T-shirts that had been $40 were now only $5. What a drastic change we saw. Overpriced, over marketed, and even according to the Better Business Bureau (the real BBB I might add) reportedly didn’t deliver to its customers on time. Some customers had to wait months for their order. Now, Lonzo Ball is with the New Orleans Pelicans acquired in a trade for the Lakers to acquire All-Star Anthony Davis. Lavar Ball has never known when to back off nor how to do that. I am one of the biggest Lonzo Ball fans out there, and I like him in spite of his father. Lavar thinks he can say whatever he wants, do whatever he wants, and thinks things will always go the way he supposedly envisions. Boy, if we all had that mentality, where would we be? It’s almost as if Lavar has no sense of reality. I cannot imagine being married to a woman (Lavar’s wife Tina) who’s still not fully recovered her speech and even some of her more advanced body movements from a stroke she suffered two years ago. However, Lavar pressed on and got into hot water just a short time ago for a remark considered inappropriate he made while appearing on ESPN’s “First Take.” He has since then been banned by the network. Will this man learn? Like many of us, sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom for you or I to change the way we do things. For Lavar, maybe this is what it takes for him to stop expressing his opinions every other turn, change his tone, and be more of a quieter type. Not to mention, do a background check before you hire a swindler to be the handler of your finances.


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