Accepting Responsibility

Robin Thicke back in 2013 had a song called, “Blurred Lines.” That’s where we are in the realm of what actions by NFL players deserve a suspension. In the past 3 months, we’ve had Oakland
Raiders offensive lineman (and who’s had a troubled past previously) Richie Incognito punch a hole in a wall at his grandmother’s house after the death of his father. Now, he must serve a two-
game suspension for his actions. Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden and company better be wiping sweat off their brows for Roger Goodell giving Incognito a slap on the wrist for this inept decision by Incognito. Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott had yet another off-the-field incident this off-
season out in Las Vegas with a security guard and TMZ Sports caught a glimpse of it. Now, the guard is pressing charges over the incident and as the NFL investigates, Elliott could be facing
yet another suspension. This is a bad look not only for him but for the Dallas Cowboys who’ve backed him up thus far in the process. Kansas City WR Tyreek Hill caught some flack for an alleged assault and battery committed against his fiancé Crystal Espinal back in 2015. Audio clips of the assault were aired on Kansas City station 610 KCSP on July 9. While the couple carried on the argument, Espinal accused Hill of abuse. The couple’s 3-year-old son had a
broken arm from the situation. His injury triggered a child abuse investigation, but Hill wasn’t charged. Back in August of 2015, Hill pleaded guilty to domestic assault and battery by strangulation. Now, Hill awaits the result of all these issues. He also must watch what Commissioner Goodell rules about the situation. As a teacher and coach and even a human
being, this is why I tell people of all ages constantly: “Don’t do something you will regret. Don’t put yourselves in situations where if you make a regretful decision, it will be documented
immediately.” All three of these players find themselves in these precarious circumstances. I’m sorry, but if you did not learn the first time around, then maybe you have to repeat it to finally grasp the message. Richie Incognito has not had the cleanest slate in the NFL, but he dodged a bullet by only getting a 2-game suspension. We’ve already seen Roger Goodell put the hammer down on Ezekiel Elliott for some altercations with his ex-girlfriend that came to the surface in 2017. You would think after being disciplined that severely, Zeke would be working his tail off to keep his nose clean. Yet, here he goes to Las Vegas and shoves a security guard over a metal railing at a concert. The security has since shoved back (figuratively) by pressing chargers. Elliott’s legal camp has been waving the “extortion” flag high in the air over this. This shows
you and me yet again how few 18-23-year-old’s desire owning up for their actions. They don’t want to admit their mistakes and want to blame everyone else for their decisions. It’s become a
never-ending cycle and it must stop. Do I have some regrets in my own life? Yes. Not one single person, neither you nor I, can honestly say a mistake has never been made. You own up to it, you
do the best you can to fix it, you learn from it, you move on. That’s the proper procedure. Ezekiel Elliot and Richie Incognito don’t get it. Tyreek Hill has since apologized for what happened that night in 2015, but he’s going to own up to the punishment NFL Commissioner Goodell gives to him based on his actions. We have also seen players such as Josh Gordon and
Martavis Bryant, as talented as they are, finding themselves suspended for an entire season because of violating the league’s substance abuse policy. Clearly, these two WR’s haven’t gotten
it together. To continually be in trouble for the same issue, you need to get help. They have waisted their God-given talent and time in this league for repeated substance violations. Ezekiel
Elliot and Richie Incognito, you both are in the same harbor. Look at what happens when you continue to repeat these types of behavior. Incognito is older, yet still acts so much like a child. I
mean, punching a wall at his grandmother’s house? That’s the kind of stupidity a 17-year-old puts out when his girlfriend breaks up with him and he’s got no mature way to vent his frustration. Incognito is 36 years old. Really? We haven’t gotten past the teenager reaction phase. Some people never figure it out (like Incognito) before it’s one bad decision too many. Ezekiel Elliott is heading down a similar path unless he realizes what could happen if he does not change his frat boy off-season ways.


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