5 NFL Head Coaches That Should be on the Hot Seat

Mike Tomlin- The head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers is going into his 14th season, which is rare in the NFL to be with one team, that long. Tomlin has a Super Bowl win on his resume from back in 2009, where the Steelers beat the Cardinals 27-23. In 2011 they managed to make it the AFC Championship game, and in 2017 where they got there butts whooped, but since then have fallen flat. I get it, the Patriots own the AFC, but that isn’t an excuse with some of the offensively loaded teams they have put out on the field over the years. This year will be a very telling year for Mike Tomlin, with Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown gone, there isn’t any scape goats to blame for being a distraction to the teams success. We will see whether Tomlin can put together a playoff run this year or if he lets his locker room become the “distraction” again. Without making it to the playoffs, the Steelers should move on, with him, and Big Ben, and start the rebuild.

Jason Garrett- He has been the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys since 2011. He did a decent job last year leading the Cowboys to the playoffs. They beat the Seahawks in the first round then went on to lose to the Rams in the next round. This year, it is Super Bowl or bust. The Cowboys are set up to win right now, anything less would be a failed season. If they do not at least make it to the Super Bowl, then Garrett has to go and get replaced so they don’t lose out on going the next few years after. The Cowboys have a solid chance the next 3 years to win one. This looks like a Tampa Bay replacing Tony Dungy for Jon Gruden situation to me.

Bill O’Brien- He has been the Houston Texans coach since 2014 after coaching Penn State in 2012-2013. Houston had high hopes for O’brien coming in and leading the charge, however it has not worked out for them thus far. He is another head coach that is set up nicely to win in the next 3-5 years, much like he was when he started his tenure. This Texans offense has a chance to be one of the best in the league and if he can not do anything with it, he needs to move on and they need to get a young offensive minded coach in ASAP.

Pat Shurmur- I don’t know if the Giants are tanking for Tua or Trevor Lawrence, but that may be the only way I see Shurmur staying. There is no way he and that Giants organization can not see the same thing, that we see with Eli Manning. If the tanking thing is true, they never should of drafted a Quarterback in the draft. That should of gone to another position of need. I don’t think the front office or Shurmur really know what they are doing, honestly. They seem to be setting the Giants franchise back instead of moving forward.

Jay Gruden- His record since he has been coach of the Redskins has not been that great. His best year there, they were 9-7. Unless the Washington is okay with mediocrity, then something has to give. They got a rookie Quarterback coming in, might want to get a new head coach as well.

Unhonorable mention- Adam Gase- If he refuses to change his coaching style for the team he has in place, he should be replaced. Coaches sometimes fail because they run the wrong system instead of playing to their players strengths.

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