Congrats Murray State!!!!

As we all know, it’s summer time and in college towns that typically means the students have gone home for the summer. For many college towns, that means all that remains are the locals who live nearby. The “scenery” tends to dissolve…so to speak. So when i walked into a Murray Kentucky watering hole I was pleasantly surprised by the talent that stood behind the bar.

Let me preface this with my previous experiences in Kentucky. Literally EVERY time I have been to Kentucky in the past, i have only been met with the type of people who literally look like their family tree doesn’t have many branches. In my experience, a mouth full of teeth in this state is a treat. That being said, what other state in our great union can you find $2 beers without a happy hour? NONE! Needless to say, when i pulled onto Murray States campus in July, my expectations of decent scenery were non-existent. I could not have been more wrong; let me outline.

Front desk clerk @ my hotel= Smokeshow

Bartender 1= Smokeshow

Wait Staff= all smokeshows

Middle aged female patrons= smokeshows

Bartender 2= Dude

Kitchen Staff= stuck in the kitchen for a reason.

Random folk=smoke shows.

WTF! To say i was shocked at the amount of talent at Murray State in the middle of summer is an absolute understatement.

I’ve been to many college campuses, and even while school is in session the ratios of hotties:others isn’t what Murray State has shown me in the off-season. So with that, I would like to congratulate Murray State for being the absolute sleepers of the college co-ed scene. We’ll see how the rest of the town looks in the morning. Update to follow, stay tuned!

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