What a Weird last Two Weeks in Sports

To start off the month we all learned of Tyler Skaggs sudden passing, which is heartbreaking to see anyone go that young in life. You had a member of the Miami Dolphins, Kendrick Norton,have to get his arm amputated after getting in a car crash which will undoubtedly end his career. Both situations are a sad way of starting off the month hearing the tragic news.

Then you had Kawhi Leonard finally make a decision to and it was to go to the Los Angeles CLIPPERS! Which nobody saw coming, not even the experts, on top of that you saw Paul George get traded away to the Clippers as well for a few decent young players and a whole lot of draft picks. That left Russell Westbrook all alone again in Oklahoma City. All I got to say about that is Kevin Durant left to play with Golden State after they already won a championship, he essentially left Westbrook to win a championship, and he did. Paul George left for his hometown, Kawhi, and a better supporting cast around him to win a championship then OKC had. I don’t know if those two leaving had anything to do with Russell when you really look at it.

Then we saw Russell Westbrook get traded to the Houston Rockets to team up with James Harden again, we will see how that works. While the Rockets trade away Chris Paul to OKC and now OKC is trying to trade him away to teams that are not really looking to obtain him, they are practically begging.

We see Richie Incognito getting suspended for 2 games for punching holes through his 90 year old grandma’s wall, and Herndon TE for the Jets, get a 4 games suspension after getting a DUI and violating the substance abuse policy.

On top of that we have another running back threatening to hold out the whole season in Melvin Gordon. Personally I think all running backs get paid to little for how short their life span is in the NFL and how much they are utilized in that short window. Adrian Peterson is the exception to the rule. Maybe all running backs just need to go on strike until they get paid like a receiver or quarterback.

In baseball, before the trading deadline, the first two moves are the Red Sox trading for Andrew Cashner of the Baltimore Orioles, Huh? Then the next “big move” we hear about is the Athletics trading for Homer Bailey, like what? If these names were moved last year those teams would of been laughed at, like they should be getting laughed at this year. For two teams looking for a wild card spot they aren’t seeming to try too hard to get the good ones.

All in All it was a strange, busy, confusing sort of week that didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

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