Dak Prescott’s Payday vs. Melvin Gordon’s Payday

A report surfaced over the weekend that L.A. Chargers running back Melvin Gordon has demanded the big money or else he’s taking his talents elsewhere. Last season despite some injuries, he finished with 885 yards rushing with 10 touchdowns. In 2017, he had 1,105 rushing yards and 8 touchdowns. Quarterback Phillip Rivers will turn 38 in December and the Chargers lost WR deep threat Tyrell Williams to the nearby Oakland Raiders. The Chargers have a difficult enough time getting fans in L.A. to come to games and if Melvin Gordon walks, this team will have to be carried by Rivers alone and we all know that will not bode well in L.A. In the Chargers past, they had Hall of Fame running back LaDanian Tomlinson in the backfield to help shoulder the load for Drew Brees and then Phillip Rivers. Take away Melvin and this team will struggle even more not only to put fans in the seats, but also not be a one-dimensional offense. On the flip side, we have the Dallas Cowboys who are scrambling to find a way to pay Ezekiel Elliot, Amari Cooper, and Dak Prescott. This team has a strong defense, a great offensive line, but the 2 biggest questions that plague this unit are: Will Zeke stay out of trouble off the field? Will Dak elevate this team to the next level? Ezekiel Elliot is one of the most dynamic running backs in this league (I would say top 5), but the off-season issues keep plaguing him, the latest involved an altercation between him and a security guard in Las Vegas. You would think after Elliott’s long suspension in 2017, he would have learned his lesson, but here we are again as he faces a potential suspension from Roger Goodell as Las Vegas security guard Kyle Johnson has pressed charges against Elliot after their altercation earlier this summer. If I’m Jerry Jones, I’m looking at what I have: a defensive, solid offensive line, a good WR (plus a veteran in Randall Cobb acquired from the Green Bay Packers), Jason Witten back at TE, and Dak Prescott at QB who’s proven to be a great leader for this team. If I’m Jones, I let Ezekiel go. In today’s NFL, running backs are a dime a dozen. As this league has become more pass heavy, you can
pretty much plug just about any running back into your system if you have a good offensive line. Look at the Denver Broncos. The average NFL fan probably has no idea who Philip Lindsay was, but he was a quality back who Denver saw play in their backyard at University of Colorado at Boulder. Ezekiel Elliot, despite his talent, has yet to keep his head on straight. It has been one off-field incident after another it seems since entering the league as the #4 overall pick in 2016. Clearly, if I am Dallas, he’s the guy I’m not paying simply for how he’s yet to prove his maturity when it comes to decisions during the off season. Have you noticed how little Dak is in the limelight despite being the QB for the Dallas Cowboys? This guy is mature beyond his years. Is
Ezekiel Elliott an elite RB in this league? Absolutely. However, my question to Jerry Jones: is he worth the headache? Is another potential suspension worth it in the grand scheme of it all? Frankly, all Dallas would have to do is plug someone in with that great offensive line and they would still win the NFC East and make a run at the Super Bowl. I don’t believe, as a Cowboys fan, Dallas’ success hinges on Zeke Elliott being lined up behind Dak.

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