Top 10 Sleepers for Fantasy Football 2019

Hunter Henry, Chargers – I know, it probably isn’t the smartest move to come out the gates with a Tight End as your sleeper but, this guy will be among the leagues best this year. My prediction, he ends up being NFL comeback player of the year after a torn ACL injury had him miss the entire season last year. Antonio Gates is 39, he doesn’t have much left in the tank, if anything. Hunter Henry should move in to the starter role and he will rack up the stat sheet. What makes him even more intriguing is the Melvin Gordon holdout, if Gordon gets traded, that just means more balls for Henry, with Phillip Rivers checkdown mentality.

Marvin Jones, Lions – He is no longer getting the attention he used to thanks to rising star Kenny Golloday, and for good reason. Golloday is on everyone’s radar for the upcoming fantasy drafts that will be happening in the near future. Do not sleep on Jones, he will get his numbers right along with the young upcoming wide out. The fact that the Lions seem to have found a running game last year as well, is nothing but a positive for Marvin Jones stat line.

Devin Funchess, Colts – Funchess is coming over from Carolina to work along T.Y. Hilton on the other side of the field. Popular opinion is that Andrew Luck is going to have an MVP season. Funchess should be heavily involved if Luck plans to have success like that this year.

Justin Jackson, Chargers- Keep a close eye on the Melvin Gordon saga, because this is the guy that may very well benefit. He was more effective then Austin Ekeler when Gordon went down last year. I see the Chargers giving a shot at being the starter, and Jackson taking full advantage of the opportunity.

Matt Breida, 49ers- I know, the 49ers backfield is crowded coming into the year. However, if Tevin Coleman and Jerick McKinnon fail to produce like Breida did down the stretch last year, I don’t see it taking long for Shanahan telling Breida to take the lead. In larger fantasy league I would pick this guy up and just wait. If he is still available in smaller drafts I wouldn’t hesitate to take him knowing the other 2 are on probably a very short leash.

Cam Newton, Panthers- How does Cam make the list you ask? it’s simple, have you seen his weapons coming into this year in Christian McCaffrey, DJ Moore, Curtis Samuel, old reliable Greg Olsen, a young stud TE in Ian Thomas, and Chris Hogan coming over from the Patriots. He has never had weapons like this, and this year is a prove it year, where he quiets everybody calling him over rated. After Mahomes, Luck, and Brees are off the board, he should be next.

N’Keal Harry, Patriots- When have you ever known the Patriots to take a wide receiver in the first round? Exactly, never, they got to have big plans for this kid.

David Moore, Seahawks- Seattle already has the speedster in Tyler Lockett, who is more appealing to the eye. Then they drafted the rookie DK Metcalf, who could be a stud, or a complete flop. He has straight line speed as well. Then there is David Moore who looks like he will fit right into that Doug Baldwin type of role very well. Keep an eye out for him this year.

George Kittle, 49ers- He isn’t a sleeper in regards to people don’t know who he is or know his potential. My bold prediction, He will the league in receptions, yards and touchdowns this year.

Tarik Cohen, Bears- While everyone seems to be on the David Montgomery bandwagon, I am sitting over here trying to figure out how everyone all the sudden forgot about Cohen being there best offensive weapon. Yes, he only sits at 5’6, 181 pounds, and he was used more of a receiving back then running back but, if Montgomery fails, keep a close eye on Cohen’s numbers to soar as the lead back.

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