Richie Incognito, A Black Eye, for the Black Hole.

Richie Incognito is a head case, plain and simple. According to various reports he plead guilty to two different charges. One being disorderly conduct after the passing of his father, there was an incident at the funeral home. That one might be understandable, maybe? Your father just dies, and you feel you need to be upset at somebody. I guess it makes a little bit of sense.

However, Richie also plead guilty to criminal damage and disorderly conduct earlier that same month. The victim of that, yup, you guessed it, his 90 year old grandmother. He punched a hole in the wall of her home and also ripped a security system box off the wall in a fit of rage. Who does that? She is 90! Have some respect for somebody man.

Now all that, probably wouldn’t get him kicked out of the league, if it were just that incident, but it isn’t, Richie Incognito is most known for the harrassment of Jonathon Martin which ultimately lead to Martin leaving the team. Incognito was ruthless, I get rookie hazing, but come on. He went so far as to text him about his sister, here are some of the things Incognito said…..

Now, I don’t know how I would handle that if it were me, but to me, those are fighting words. Those go way beyond rookie hazing. That is down right evil.

After Martin left the team Incognito reached out to Martin while all of it was coming to light. Here is the exchange

And then Incognito turned around and text Pouncey another player involved in the hazing of Jonathon Martin, and had this to say

This report came from SB nation.

This guys mental health does not seem to be on the straight and narrow and should not be allowed on an NFL field until he seeks help. What makes it even worse General Manager Mike Mayock, fully supports Incognito being on the team and confident he will get right. When this guy has proved time and time again he ain’t right in the head. I am one of the biggest Raiders fans you will ever meet, however this is a black eye for the black hole.

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