MLB Who Should Buy, Sell, Stay Put, as the Trade Deadline Looms


Arizona Diamondbacks– Lets face it, they aren’t going to the playoffs as a wild card, and they definitely are not going to catch the Dodgers that have a 13.5 game lead on them. It seems like it is time to let Zach Greinke go to a contender. Same with Ketel Marte who is having a remarkable year in the batters box, holding a .311 batting average and leading the team in home runs. Eduardo Escobar isn’t to far off pace with a .296 batting average and 76 runs batted in, both hitters could help a contender.

New York Mets– Another team that is not likely to make it in unless the Nationals or Phillies fall completely apart trying for that wild card spot. The Mets probably can afford to sell off one of their top tier pitchers in Jacob DeGrom or Noah SynderGaard to a team for some pitching prospects. Along with maybe an older vet like Wilson Ramos or Robinson Cano that could add value to playoff squad, I would keep those young hitters though, they are something special.

Kansas City Royals– They should let a team in contention acquire Whit Merrifield, they can keep the younger players they have, but Merrifield deserves to go to a team with world series potential. He is still a very good second baseman. Royals pitching staff isn’t great but if a team wants any of them, they should sell.

Chicago White Sox– The ball club is 12.5 games back and looking like they will be on the outside looking in when it comes playoff time. Jose Abreu could come in useful to a team that needs another big bat for a playoff run. They have a few relief pitchers that have been pretty steller this year in Alex Colome and Aaron Bummer, those two could be a welcome relief to any contending team.


New York Yankees- Pitching, Pitching, Pitching, that is all they need. If they can get a big name or two and some relief, they will be the clear front runners going in. Money is no obstacle when it comes to this team. If they want another world series win, buy up some pitching, their lineup is set. No one else will come out of the AL

Chicago Cubs– In a tightly contested NL Central, if they can get one quality pitcher they may just be able to pull away from everyone in their division if the bats heat up a bit more.

Atlanta Braves– Let the sweepstakes for pitchers begin, another team that is in need of one or two more quality starter. The bats will get they to the playoffs, but the pitching as it stands, won’t win them too many games there.

Brewers, Nationals, Phillies– Whichever team makes the key move here, is in.

Stay Put-

San Diego Padres and Toronto Blue Jays- Both teams have a lot of young talent which could make them contenders for the forseeable future, they both need to stay the course and stay away from the trades.

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