I Admit it, I’m a Hater

It’s probably because I have never had the luxury of having the team I root for, be the best. Maybe for a short period of time, but there is no longevity with my teams. So I got to admit it, I hate the Patriots, partly because of the tuck rule back in 2002, which rendered them victorious over the Raiders, which is my team. Obviously, it is also the longevity in which they have been consistent winners, I have never root for them in all their playoff runs, and Super Bowls. By default I’m also a Lions fan being born and raised in Michigan and we all know how that is. Hated the Cowboys in the 90s, but only because of what they were accomplishing while me, a Lions fan, was watching Barry Sanders have his career ruined by the Lions.

In the sport of NASCAR I was the BIGGEST hater of Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson. They won every damn thing, for a long time. Meanwhile I’m sitting there cheering an aging Mark Martin hoping that somewhere in the middle of those two winning, Martin could sneak and win it all one year.

Then we come to Major League Baseball, the Yankees, it didn’t and still doesn’t matter who wins the World Series, as long as it isn’t them. I was a Royals and White Sox fan growing up because of Bo Jackson and Frank Thomas. Obviously Bo didn’t have that long of a career due to a football injury and Frank couldn’t pull it off either, unless you count the White Sox while he was injured.

Switching to the NBA now, I was a young kid watching the Orlando Magic with Shaq, Penny Hardaway, Brian Shaw, Derek Anderson, and Horace Grant. They had that title run in the 95-96 season and got swept in the finals by the Rockets. They haven’t been much since, and then I had to sit through Lakers winning for a while, San Antonio for a while, and then Golden State recently.

Even in hockey I couldn’t break through on having a winning team I rooted for until this year, with the St. Louis Blues.

And let me make it clear, I hate the team, not the fans, if I was in any type of position to be a cocky fan, because I know my team is going to kick your teams ass, I probably would be. So here is to all the fans that don’t have that team that is a constant winner. I feel your pain.

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