Why Does No One Want to Play with Westbrook?

It is said that no one wants to play with Russell Westbrook and shown by the way players are leaving his team in the dust, but why? They say all he cares about is stats, but the only way that is a negative, is in the shooting column if he is going 8-31 every game. If he cares about all the rest of them, other than scoring, then what is the problem? He is selfish if he gets too many assists? He is all about himself for getting 10+ rebounds a game, like what, he should let the bigs down low get to them? So we really got to ask ourselves is it even basketball related as to why superstar players don’t want to play with him, or could it just be his personality, or his private life he likes to have outside the arenas? He said it himself in a magazine article, people sometimes mistake him for an asshole because all they see is what he is on the court, and that absolutely is understandable, I get the same thing sometimes myself.

Look I get it, early in his career coming out of the University of California, he did seem maybe too stat hungry, not deferring to Durant and Harden as much as he should. As his game has grown, he has turned his game into being a great facilitator, like the Point Guard position needs to be. Mind you back in 2009 and the 2010 season he was averaging 8 assists game which isn’t horrible. He showed last season that he did not have to be the main scorer on his team with Paul George, when he consistently deferred to him to shoot the ball.

To me there is only 2 players that played with the same intensity that Russell Westbrook plays with now, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. It is not something you witness in sports on a regular basis, Westbrook should be appreciated for going hard the whole game, every game, especially when you see some of the best athletes in sports take plays off, or even games off. Now you are hearing 3 teams are interested in getting him, and whoever gets him is getting one of the best to play the game. The Detroit Pistons look like the best fit in my eyes, unless Houston can pull it off somehow. Westbrook and Harden now would be a good fit, I think both their desires to win a championship before they are done, significantly outweigh their desire to always have the basketball in their hands, they could work it out. If he goes to the Pistons, there is really no one in the backcourt to compete with, but he does have two good players down low along side him in Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond that can snatch up those offensive rebounds if Westbrook has a bad shooting night. Going to the Pistons would make them at least competitive in the East, a 3-4-5 seed most likely. I don’t know how well Miami would fit his game with Jimmy Butler there. If Josh Richardson was still there it probably be a better fit because they would have two legit shooters on the team with Richardson, and then Waiters coming off the bench.

At the end of Russell Westbrook’s career, with a title or without, he should go down as one of the best to ever play the game. Chances are though, with so many superstars in the league currently, he will be underappreciated behind the likes of LeBron, Durant, Curry, Kawhi and maybe rightfully so….but why no one wants to play with him, I’ll never understand, more players were willing to play with Carmelo then Westbrook, make that make sense.

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