MLB Daily Fantasy Advice for July 5th

I always like to show this for legitimacy reasons. I have been playing for a while, finally decided to try my luck at baseball daily fantasy, and have been pretty successful at it without paying money for those analytical sites monthly. This was a $4.44 tournament on a 14 game slate. I usually am geared more towards the tourneys for a bigger payout instead of the 50/50 they offer on fanduel. They also have a tier tourney which is also better on such a big slate because it narrows down the players everybody can choose in their lineup.

So today we have a large 13 game slate for the main slate tonight on Fanduel, and like I always do, I will be choosing 4 different lineups to make my lineup for tonight. Sometimes it is a swing and a miss, and sometimes it pays off, you just got to pick the right lineups to choose from. Before I go ahead and do that, let us go through the pitchers that could score some big points for your lineup.

Top Pitchers for tonight:

Clayton Kershaw: He comes at a high price ($10,200) but worth taking going against a team in the San Diego Padres that like to swing for the fences, which means, a game with potentially a high strikeout total for him. Kershaw sits at 7-2, with a 3.23 ERA, and has 82 strikeouts through 92 innings pitched.

Zack Greinke: Here is another that comes at a cost ($9,400) and on top of that going up against a Rockies lineup that can get hot at any moment. The plus side to this match up is that the Diamondbacks are at home where it is much more pitcher friendly then Coors Field. He hasn’t been all that great against the Rockies this season, but I believe that changes tonight.

Eduardo Rodriguez- He is sitting there at $8,100 for tonights game vs. the Tigers, who are not exactly a huge threat offensively. He currently has 4.79 ERA with 102 strikeouts in a little over 97 innings pitched. This will be my pick for tonight even with Detroit being at home. It also allows a little more cash to spend on your batters.

Teams with big run totals tonight:

Baltimore Orioles- They have a great matchup against Aaron Sanchez for the Toronto Blue Jays who has an ERA of 6.31, if you are looking for a few cheaper bats with big potential keep an eye on the Orioles lineup.

Saint Louis Cardinals- Another great pitching matchup going against Drew Pomeranz who has a 6.25 ERA through 63 innings pitched this season. The Cardinals could be in for a heavy run total tonight.

Boston Red Sox- This batting lineup will cost you a bit more so putting in some Orioles at a low cost will help you out in putting higher priced Red Sox in your lineup as well. They go against Gregory Soto for the Tigers who has an 8.83 ERA through 17 innings pitched. It is a small sample size, but so far, no good.

Oakland Athletics- Going up against Yusei Kikuchi of the Seattle Mariners with a 5.12 ERA, it should be a good night for the Athletics lineup. Home runs may be hard to come by in that ball park though.

Batters poised for a big night:

Mancini- BAL – $3,600

Ruiz- BAL – $2,300

Chapman – OAK – $3,800

Davis – OAK – $3,300

Canha – Oak – $2,900

Dejong – STL – $3,400

Goldschmidt – STL – $3,100

Boston Red Sox whole lineup

Watch for Postponed games due to weather, BOS @ DET could be potentially rained out.

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