Denver Broncos Preview and Prediction

Quarterback- For a John Elway run team, one would think he could attract a better option than he did in Joe Flacco. He got benched in Baltimore for primarily a running QB last season. Joe Flacco is another on of those middle of the road quarterbacks that really doesn’t bring much to the table beyond being a somewhat consistent. Not only did Elway get a mediocre QB to replace a mediocre QB, he left the cupboards pretty bare for Flacco. How this team remains relevant this year, I have no idea, because it gets worse.

Running Backs- This might be the lone bright spot in the Broncos offense. Phillip Lindsay did good work as a rookie last year. I don’t think anyone expected that out of him, I certainly did not. Regardless, he ran for over 1,000 yards, mostly at the tail end of the season, and he did it carrying a 5.4 yards per rush average. Lindsay also brought in 35 receptions for 241 yards. He should be one of the lone bright spots in this Denver offense.

Wide Receiver- Courtland Sutton and DaeSean Hamilton will be the number 1 and 2 options for Flacco this season. If those two options weren’t questionable enough, they don’t have many options behind those two. Hopefully someone in this group can shine coming out of mini camp. If not Lindsay might be catching 60-80 himself coming out of the backfield.

Tight Ends- Jake Butt, a rookie last year out of the University of Michigan is the front runner to start. He seems to have some potential and could be a great safety net for Flacco. His size and speed are prototypical of a tight end in this era. There is not much depth at this position, so again just like WR spot, hopefully someone emerges in camp.

Offensive Line- Run blocking will be solid, we seen that last season even with a dismal passing offense. If Denver has to play from behind a lot though, I feel bad for Flacco if his WRs can’t get open.

Defense- For the past several years the Broncos defense has been a solid force. I expect nothing less this season, if the offense can sustain drives every now and again. However if that offense doesn’t work, that defense will get real tired real quick due to lack of depth at all positions

Prediction- 5-11

I don’t see this offense being able to move the ball consistently down the field.

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