NBA Free Agency League Shake Up

Two days after the start of free agency the league looks a little bit different now. While we are still awaiting Kawhi Leonard’s decision the other big names have already announced their moves. So what teams improved, what teams stayed the same, and what teams should be disappointed?


BROOKLYN NETS- This is an obvious one, when you get 2 of the top players in the league during free agency, you win. However, this does not necessarily mean a championship, they managed to pick up Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, DeAndre Jordan. Durant and Irving are elite talents, however neither of them have proven they can make the team around them even better, unless you count Golden State but I don’t. They will be in the top 3 teams in the Eastern Conference when Durant gets healthy, but beating a Western Conference team in the finals like the Warriors or Lakers, I have my doubts.

Philadelphia 76ers- Yes, they lost Jimmy Butler to the Miami Heat, but in that they acquired Josh Richardson who is an above average shooter. They kept Tobias Harris on the roster and picked up another big man in Al Horford to give Embiid more rest without missing a beat. They also picked up Kyle O’Quinn who is a solid center. They were so close to the finals last season and will be again this season after a slight improvement to their roster.

Utah Jazz- Their starting 5 is nothing to be messed with after picking up Mike Conley and Bojan Bogdanovic to play along side Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert. This will be a team that will be poised to make a run at it next season if everyone stays healthy.


Boston Celtics- They move on from the Kyrie Irving experiment, and lose Marcus Morris, Terry Rozier, and Al Horford. Which is admittingly a lot to lose. They managed to attract Kemba Walker to their squad who is definitely a better fit for the Celtics team oriented style of play that Bradley Stevens wants. They also picked up Enes Kanter who is ander appretiated big man, who road the bench for the Knicks. Then you factor in Jayson Tatum should make a leap in his play this season while still holding onto Marcus Smart. I don’t see much of a change this season for them.

New Orleans Pelicans- Now losing Anthony Davis is a big deal, it always is when you lose a top 10 talent in the league, but they made little noise in the playoffs while he was with the team. Another player that doesn’t necessarily make a team better around them. There off season moves have been solid though, picking up J.J. Redick, and Derrick Favors. Along with draft pick Zion and still having the stud point guard Jrue Holiday on their roster. This team will be formidable just like they were when Davis was there. Starting five most likely will be:

PG: Jrue Holiday SG: J.J. Redick SF: Zion Williamson PF: Derrick Favors C: Jahlil Okafor


KNICKS- Didn’t get any of the players in the top tier, thus it will be another dismal season.

CHARLOTTE HORNETS- Lost Kemba and Jeremy Lamb, not much left.

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS- No more Kevin Durant, Andre Iguadola, or Jorden Bell. They signed got D’Angelo Russell but it is not the same. After Iguadola coming out and saying why Mark Jackson got fired, the Warriors may implode soon, seeing as why that probably had something to do with Andre getting traded.

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