Capitolism is not Allowed in Sports….Why?

A few friends and I recently got in a debate about this. Not going to lie, it got a little heated. For me, I have always sided with the athletes, and honestly think some maybe deserve more rather then less.

Major league baseball kind of has it right, although I don’t think their luxury tax is needed. Anyway, MLB does not have a salary cap, so teams can pay out as much as they want to a player. Their threshold this year stands at 206 million, a team that has a payroll over that has to pay a luxury tax on every dollar spent over that. Do you really think the YANKEES give a shit about a luxury tax, nope. According to Forbes there worth 4.6 billion. Highest paid player in the MLB is Mike Trout bringing home 39 million.

Mind you the luxury tax is to keep things competitive as far as spending like the salary cap in the NFL, which also needs to go bye bye.

Okay moving on to the NBA who will have a 109 million dollar salary cap for the 2019-2020 season according to S.I. I believe needs to get rid of theirs as well. The only thing the salary cap helps is the owners of the teams, it doesn’t have anything to do with competitiveness, maybe in theory, but that is not how it has been playing out, solid excuse though. Case in point, look to Golden State, players taking less money to repeat. Lakers are worth 3.3 billion according to forbes. They could buy a team and it still probably wouldn’t seriously compete with a healthy Golden State squad. Steph Curry currently number one in money made with his contract at 37.4 million.

Now as far as the NFL is concerned, their salary cap is 188.2 million this season. Mind you the MLB is a 25 man team with the luxury tax at 206 million, compared to the NFLs 52 man roster at 188.2, and with the NBA if you remember sitting at 109 million. Make that make sense. The Dallas Cowboys according to forbes are worth 5 billion. Besides hockey, the NFL is one of the toughest sports on your body, so while the athletes can, they should be allowed to get paid however damn much a team is willing to pay before their time is up. It is that simple, screw a cap. If owners want championships, pay for a team. It won’t take away the competitiveness. There isn’t one right now with Tom Brady’s Patriots.

All these luxury taxes and salary caps are doing is keeping money in the owners pockets, which it doesn’t sound like to me, spending another 50 million a year would be a problem for some, they just own the team anyway, they don’t put in the work to get asses in the seats.

The salary cap to me is almost as bad as not paying college athletes, the greed is real.

Why is capitolism allowed for the billionaire owners, the 1%, and politicians but not athletes?

If you have a product, in this case, athletic ability, then the athlete should be able to get paid as much as someone is willing to.

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