Carolina Panthers Preview and Prediction

Quarterback- Cam Newton by his standards had an off year, yes he threw for just over 4,000 yards, but he also only had 21 passing touchdowns to 17 interceptions. Cam though has been used to doing everything himself for years so he is allowed a little bit of an off year. The Panthers are notorious for giving Cam Newton 1 pretty good wide receiver, and a decent running back to help him out, and the rest has been up to him on the offensive side of the ball. Last year things changed, going into this year the Panthers have the best arsenal of weapons since the QB has been there, and because of that Cam should flourish in this offense and possibly have his name in the MVP race.

Running Backs- After struggling to find himself his rookie year, Christian McCaffrey exploded onto the scene last year more the an doubling his numbers from his rookie in every category. This year I fully expect for the young star to be even better, expecting more than 2,000 yards from scrimmage. He is one of those do it all backs, running and the passing game this man is a threat, so defenses will no longer be able to just focus on Cam. Beyond McCaffrey they do not have much depth behind him, so hopefully he stays healthy like has done the last two seasons.

Wide Receivers- This group went through a major unexpected upgrade throughout last season, especially the second half when two young receivers started balling out. The tandom of D.J. Moore and Curtis Samuel is going to be explosive this year with another off season to work on their craft. Their play allowed Carolina to let Funchess walk in the offseason. They also have depth at this position which they have never had. They added Chris Hogan who came over from the patriots, and have veteran wide outs Torrey Smith and Jarius Wright. Should be fun to watch.

Tight End- Greg Olsen is back for another season, he is a very reliable target when he is on the field, both passing and blocking. When he went down last year another tight end emerged for the Panthers who showed promise, youngster Ian Thomas. So double tight end sets are a real possibility this year. The Panthers are poised to make a run this year and the next few with all this young talent.

Offensive Line- Like every offensive line, the group always looks better when their offense has a balanced attack. Carolina has a strong sturdy reliable veterans in the middle of the line, with questionable tackles. Cam should make up for it while they get it together with his scrambling ability.

Defense- In a division where defensive play is key, outside of Luke Kuechly, Shaq Thompson, and their interior defensive line, they are questionable in all other positions. The defensive ends better be getting to the QB quick with the likes of Drew Brees and Matt Ryan in their division. The Panthers secondary is unproven outside of Eric Reid, and did not look good at all last season. This will be the Carolina Panthers weakness in the upcoming season.

Prediction- 10-6

The Carolina Panthers have a pretty favorable schedule and the defense should get it together somewhat by the end of then season to put them in the playoffs, how far they go will be up to how much the defense improves, because that offense will have no problem moving the ball. Chances are 3 teams will come out of this division making it to the playoffs.

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