Los Angeles Chargers Preview and Prediction

Quarterback- Philip Rivers the master of the dink and dunk passes is back again for the Chargers, who knows for how much longer. I don’t think there is a lot of middle ground with this QB, you either hate him or love him, personally I love watching the guy. He has one of if not the quickest release in football. Also, the man can take a hit even at his age, when most QBs are just falling down before they get hit, not this guy. Lets hope for his sake the Chargers finally live up to their potential finally. If they fall short it won’t be because of their QB.

Running Backs- When Melvin Gordon is on the field he is an elite back both running and catching. He just can not seem to stay healthy. They also have an exceptional back up in Austin Ekeler for a change of pace back. However, last year looking at it Ekeler is best when Gordon can take the field. Justin Jackson was formidable when he got playing time last season as well. All in all, the running game goes as far as Gordon takes it.

Wide Receiver- The Chargers are 3 deep at wide receiver, and that would be a problem for any other team, but this is the Chargers with Philip Rivers that notoriously throws to his check down after going through his reads. Keenan Allen heads up this core, when healthy he is top 10 in the league. Along side Mike Williams that could make a big leap this season with more targets coming his way. Then they have Travis Benjamin who is always a threat to catch a 75 yard touchdown pass out of no where. It will hurt a little bit if one of these 3 go down for a long period, but not as much as it would on any other team.

Tight End- Virgil Green right now is the starter, but at the end of training camp and when the season begins I fully expect Hunter Henry to claim that spot after his injury that left him sidelined all last year. I see Henry as similar to a young Antonio Gates with a little more speed, and a little less box out ability that Gates had, none the less, Henry is in for a big year if he stays healthy. He may very well steal a lot of balls that the running backs got last year. I see no issues at the tight end spot for the Chargers.

Offensive Line- Between Philip Rivers quick release and their relatively balanced attack, this offense line with Russell Okung holding down the left tackle spot, should not have a problem keeping the QB upright, and keeping the run game pushing down field. They are in a division that has some great book ends, and outside backers.

Defense- Their defensive line with Joey Bosa on one end and Melvin Ingram at the other should have no problem getting to the opposing QB this season, outside division rival Patrick Mahomes. They also have Brandon Mebane holding down the defensive tackle spot. Outside of Thomas Davis at outside linebacker, their backers are a little too unproven to expect them to be lock down, but I fully expect Davis to help them improve throughout the season. As for their secondary, Casey Hayward can hold his own at corner and Derwin James shows promise at strong safety, they are questionable everywhere else and lack depth, but the defensive line should make up for that.

Prediction- 11-5

I don’t see them surpassing the Chiefs to win the division, but they get into the playoffs and give Philip Rivers another shot at getting a super bowl ring before he retires. If Eric Weddle was still around I’d say they were the favorites in this division.

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