Top 5 Fantasy Quarterbacks this coming Season

1.) Patrick Mahomes-Its hard to see Mahomes dropping off with essentially the same crew he did it with last season. I know we hear about sophmore slumps but I don’t think that is the case here. The only thing stopping this man from putting up stats like he did last season will be injuries to him or some of his weapons.

2.) Drew Brees-The first time in 12 seasons last year Drew Brees did not surpass the 4,000 yard mark. However, with Mark Ingram gone to Baltimore, those numbers shall rise again. The Saints also picked up Jared Cook in the off season, and he is going to be solid for them mixed with the big time players they already have in Thomas and Kumara. Drew Brees is going to let it rip one more time and be a stat monster, after this season you may not see him on the field again, the guy has to be thinking retirement is close.

3.)Russell Wilson- This one is simple, he gets paid to be the best. My prediction is his numbers will live up to his contract.

4.) Andrew Luck-With the same weapons around him as last season I see Luck only improving like he has the last 3 seasons. It took him a while and it seems like after his injury a few years back he changed from the interception machine he used to be to finally being a steady, reliable, top 6-7 QB in the league. The stats will show it once again.

5.)Baker Mayfield- Maybe its just because I’m excited to see the Browns play but Baker Mayfield makes the cut over a few garantees I could have put here. With Landry and Beckham on the outside it makes for a scary combo this season and Baker proved to me enough season to put him in this spot. Hopefully Njoka improves at the tight end spot. Baker is set up in his 2nd season to put the numbers, and everyone is expecting him too, hopefully he does his best work under pressure because he will be feeling it this season.

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