MLB Daily Fantasy Advice for June 26th

Today we have a 9 game slate, on the Fanduel main slate of games, which is a few more games then I like to mess with as far as spending big money on lineups. I like the 6-8 game range myself, less option, but enough to pick a lineup that no one else has. 10 plus game slates I tend to stay away from, I’ll put a lineup or two in, go in thinking positive, but not expecting much of a return, too many variables. Okay so below we have 2 different lineups that won biggish money for me. The first one was on a $4.44 tourney, on a 14 game slate. The second lineup was on a 7 game slate in a $50 dollar tourney, if Grandal could of just got a single his last at bat it would have been $20,000. Just wanted to show this so you all know my method isn’t total shit. I know there is a lot of advice out there and analytic sites you can pay $30 or $40 a month for, but my method seems pretty solid.

I tend to play more big tourneys then again, I prefer going for the bigger money. The tiers tourneys I would say are lot better for 10 plus game slates because it simply dials back your options for the slate. 50/50 I don’t really do (probably should) but it is a good way to slowly and methodically make money off Daily fantasy sports.

Okay, so for todays set of games, like I said prior, we have a 9 game slate. A Little more than I like, but hey lets go for it. First we will look at the pitching options, not a whole lot of all stars so I will be looking for pitchers going against below average hitting lineups, era below 3, or if they have been hot their last 5 outings.


Charlie Morton- He is 10-3 with a 2.58 ERA and 113 strikeouts. I like the strikeout potential here in this spot, going against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Jake Odorizzi- He has a solid 10-3 record with a 2.58 ERA and 87 strikeouts. Odorizzi won’t get you a ton of strikeout points but he will keep that score low, going against the Minnesota Twins. Guess which game I won’t be looking for hitters.

Mike Minor- Going up against the Detroit Tigers who are a below average hitting club. He is 7-4 with a 2.52 ERA and 103 strikeouts, and watching the Tigers this year there is plenty of potential for 6-10 strikeouts here.

Dallas Kuechel- Now I am going to take a flyer on him and make him my starting pitcher tonight my lineup. He just got a roster spot, he didn’t look great in his first start, but he has potential even if he is going against the Cubs. He is 0-1 with a 5.40 ERA with 3 strikeouts. He comes at a lot lower cost then the other 3 at $6,900 which will let me grab another stud or two in the batters box.

Now as for assembling the rest of my lineup. I’m going to go with a method that I use for 10 plus main slates. Which is pick 3-5 teams going against subpar pitching, and if where they are playing is a hitter or pitcher park.

Teams to set your lineup with:

Houston Astros- They have been pretty hot as of late, and whoever is cold in their lineup this could be the game they start getting on a role again. Going up against the Pirates with Dario Agrazal on the mound with a 0-0 record, 4.50 ERA, 3 strikeouts, in 4 innings pitched.

Cincinnati Reds- They are going up against Jaime Barria on the mound, who hasn’t been the greatest this season, sporting a 2-2 record, with a 6.52 ERA YIKES!, with 16 strikeouts over 19 innings pitched.

Atlanta Braves- They will be going against the Chicago Cubs tonight with Yu Darvish on the mound, with a 2-3 record, 4.75 ERA, and 97 strikeouts. The Braves have been a team this season that has putting the scores on the board in bunches, this might very well be one of those games.

Milwaukee Brewers- They will be facing Matt Carasiti the first few innings on the mound before turning it over to Wade LeBlanc for the Seattle Mariners. LeBlanc is 4-2 however he has only a 5.44 ERA, could be a big home run night for the Brewers.

Top choices in the Batters Box by position

C/1B choices- Freeman (ATL), Votto (CIN), McCann (ATL)

2B- Albies (ATL), Moustakas (MIL), Altuve (HOU), Dietrich(CIN)

3B- Suarez (CIN), Donaldson (ATL), Gurriel (HOU), Shaw (MIL)

SS-Bregman (HOU), Swanson (ATL), Iglesias (CIN)

OF- Senzel (CIN), Alvarez (HOU), Yelich (MIL), Acuna (ATL)

My lineup for Tonight:

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