New York Giants Preview and Prediction

Quarterback- Eli Manning will be the starter to start off the season. He won 2 superbowl rings at QB for the Giants, I get it, but should he start, hell no. Eli should retire, his arm is not there anymore, and by the Giants doing this they are taking away from their newer younger stars ceiling and the teams potential. They mine as well put Daniel Jones in right now and let him go through the growing pains.

Running Backs- Saquon Barkley will get his numbers regardless. He is a one man wrecking crew. He will be top 3 in yards from scrimmage, even with Eli at QB his ceiling is extremely high, just imagine if he had a good one. I see him having 1,300 plus yards rushing, and 1,000 plus receiving.

Wide Receivers- Their wide receiving corps is actually respectable. Veteran Golden Tate, then Sterling Shepard, followed by youngsters Bennie Fowler and Corey Coleman. There success depends on QB play obviously, If short routes can be successful in this offense then they will be successful.

Tight Ends- Evan Engram is a threat at tight end and will be for a long time. Again, all depends on QB play, he will catch those short routes but I do not see a lot of down the field throws coming his way even though he has the ability to go get it.

Defense- There secondary on paper looks very formidable. The front 7 is a question mark though, outside of Alec Ogletree. Lets hope they pan out for the offensives sake. They will need to come up with ALOT of turnovers to keep there season and playoff hopes going.

Prediction- 5-11

I’ll give Saquon Barkley and company a few wins but it will be because him and him alone.

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