Dallas Cowboys Preview and Prediction

Quarterback- Dak Prescott is a solid QB, maybe not top 10 but, he has the ability to get the job done without making too many mistakes. He also has that running ability that makes him even that much more of a threat, if there is no open receiver.

Running Backs- Zeke Elliot is probably the best pure running back in the league right now, and that is saying a lot in a league loaded with running backs right now. There is no question the Cowboys will be feeding him the rock just like in the previous seasons. Barring injury there isn’t much concern at this spot.

Wide Receivers- Dallas actually has quite a bit of depth at this position. So even if injuries occur no one should be missing a beat when they have to step up to the plate. Lead by Amari Cooper, and probably Randle Cobb will be the #2. Then they got Michael Gallup, Tavon Austin, and Allen Hurns so they can go 5 receiver sets if they want to. Dallas could have a very dynamic offense this year.

Tight Ends- Jason Witten is old reliable. Big on 3rd downs, and he is good for his 8 yard catches at a time for them to slowly and methodically go down the field when need be.

Offensive Line- Best in the league, hands down, nothing else needed to be said.

Defense- Last year the Cowboys defense proved to be big time across the board. Lead by stand outs like Leighton Vander Esch, Jaylon Smith, and Demarcus Lawrence. The secondary is solid, pass rush is solid, and their ability to stop the run is solid. I do not see this defense getting anything but better.

Prediction- 13-3 division winner

Division 6-0

The Dallas Cowboys will be division winners and probably end up having a bye week in the playoffs. It will be because of there offensive line and defense.

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