Cincinnati Bengals Preview and Prediction

Quarterback- Andy Dalton returns for another season as the unquestioned starter at QB. Which I can’t stand personally, having a backup that makes the starter HAVE to compete is a good thing, but I digress. Dalton is a decent middle of the road QB, and boy does he have an arsenal of weapons at his disposal this season. Hopefully he improves some.

Running Backs- Joe Mixon will be a top 10 RB this season, if he stays healthy for all 16 games, top 5. He fits the prototype of what RBs are now, beat you in the run and receiving game. He is right up there with McCaffrey and Bell. Then they still got Bernard as their backup.

Wide Receivers- There is no doubt Tyler Boyd was a beast last season with Green out, and now Green will back. Which if you ask me, they will be one of the top 3 receiving duos in football, quietly. They don’t have much behind them so lets hope they stay healthy because John Ross won’t be.

Tight End– If healthy Tyler Eifert is easily a top 10 tight end that can both catch and block. Uzomah played decent last season when Eifert went down. The Bengals are sitting alright at this position.

Offensive Line- If they can get their LT spot figured out this will be a stud oline. One thing about the Bengals, whether it is working or not they always come with a balanced attack. Which obviously keeps the defense guessing which in turn helps the oline.

Defense- Here is where the concerns come into play. Defensive line they still got solid vets in Dunlap and Atkins. Linebackers are young and they let Burfict go this offseason (bad move). So they could have some troubles in that spot, tight ends may eat them alive. Then there secondary is actually looking pretty solid for this coming season.

Prediction- 10-6

They will sneak into the playoffs, think the AFC North is going to be won by one of the Ohio teams, loudly in Cleveland or Quietly and methodically in Cincinnati.

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