Seattle Seahawks Preview and Prediction

Quarterbacks- In this spot they have the highest paid player in the league Russell Wilson. Is he worth all that money? Probably, he does go out and compete every Sunday at the highest level. The guy is top 5 in the league no question about it. One would think though, is that contract going to hurt bringing in a good team to surrond him with. The answer, not this year, his team is pretty stacked around him on both sides.

Running Backs- Since Marshawn Lynch this team has been a running back by committee. I don’t expect that to change but, I do expect Chris Carson to get the bulk of the carries throughout the season. 4 of there running backs on the roster got playing time year so the depth is there if they got to deal with injuries.

Wide Receivers- Okay, in this group we have potential studs, 3 deep. Tyler Lockett had almost 1,000 yards last year on just 57 catches. David Moore defenitely showed flashes of being a legitimate player in this league. Then there is the rookie, DK Metcalf, and personally, I think it is going to go one of two ways, he is either going to be great, or he is going to be injury prone and awful. If he turns out to do great things, this team will go deep into the playoffs.

Tight Ends- Just like their running backs, this group was by committee last year and I don’t see that changing. They are 3 deep at the TE position with not much fall off. None of them are what you would call studs but, they are reliable when called on.

Offensive Line- Solid on the left side with veteran Duane Brown and Mike Iupati. I question the right side with Fluker and Ifedi. Wilson should make up for that though along with calling run plays preferably to the left.

Defense- So Seattle is officially out of the legion of Boom era, with no remaining players left on the team. However, they still have a talented squad in the secondary. Safety is a liitle questionable though and their depth in the secondary isn’t there so hopefully no injuries. The starting linebackers are among the best in the league and Bobby Wagner in the middle is top 3 at his position. The big question on Seattle will be the D line, can they be as good as in the past? Probably not, but they could be close if there youngsters pan out and Ansah isn’t injury prone like he was with the Lions.

Prediction- 10-6 There schedule is anything but friendly this year, I could see Seattle getting off to somewhat of a slow start with the young players trying to mesh within the offense and defense. With that said, I think they will close the season strong.

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