San Fransisco 49ers Preview and Prediction

Quaterback- One thing about an injury plagued team, they always come back the next year with a boat load of depth with the playing time they obsorbed due to it. The 49ers are no exception. With that said Jimmy Garoppolo is back this season and looking to get back to his form before the injury. Which I have no doubt he will but, if he doesn’t he has Nick Mullens the impressive rookie last year right behind him.

Running Backs- My best guess for this group is that they will have a 3 headed monster in McKinnon, Coleman, and Breida. I can’t imagine they will have Breida ride the pine after what he did last season. McKinnon was injured last season allowing Breida to shine, and Coleman had a less then stellar year in at Atlanta, but has potential. The fasinating and confusing thing about these 3, they all have the same type of play style. Kind of tells me they will be used in the passing game too, maybe out of the slot.

Wide Receivers- Very very young, and raw talent at this position. Dante Pettis showed big play potential last year and Marquise Goodwin showed he could do some damage to opposing defenses. Other then that you have youngsters in Trent Taylor and Deebo Samuels that will have to prove themselves with their playing time.

Tight Ends- George Kittle all I got to say is my bold prediction is, if he goes injury free this guy will lead the league in receiving yards, catches, and receiving touchdowns this year, thats all I got.

Offensive Line- It is a pretty solid group of guys. Don’t see much weaknesses, 49ers got to keep to a balanced offense and they will do just fine.

Defense- 49ers fans might love seeing this group this season and what they could potentially be. They are young, that is no question but, this front 7 could terrorize offenses this season. They’ll have to with the division they play in. Their 1st rounder Nick Bosa could be stellar with Buckner on the other side with Dee Ford coming off the edge. Meanwhile, the secondary, will Richard Sherman be the guy he always has been, we don’t know. Then the rest of them are to be determined, Tartt seems legit. 49ers will have to depend on their front 7 early and let the secondary get in a groove.

Prediction- 9-7

They are one year away I’m thinking, although if they get off to a fast start they could suprise us and slide into the playoffs. They have a favorable schedule early at least.


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