Pittsburgh Steelers Preview and Prediction

Quarterback- Good ole Ben Roethlisberger still is there starting after a few seasons of contemplating retirement. When Ben is at his best he is a top 5 quarterback. He has that ability to stay in the pocket longer then others and take that hit right after he gets knocked down, that extra second or two helps. This season if his weapons develop during the off season the sky is the limit for the steelers and I have no doubts Ben will be Ben.

Running backs- At running backs they got James Conner who had the 11th most rushing yards last year and Jaylen Samuels. Conner seems to be the one they want to take Le’Veon Bell’s place, which is a tough task. I could see Conner being in the top 10 in yards if he can stay on the field. He will be relied on in the passing game as well.

Wide Receivers- This might end up being the achilles heel of the Steelers because they are THIN at this position. The Steelers got a stud in Juju and an aging veteran in Donte Moncrief. Ryan Switzer could be used like Beasley was for Dallas but that is about it. Hopefully they can pick up a few more from free agency or find a stud in camp.

Tight Ends- Vance Mcdonald definitely proved to be an asset down the stretch for Pittsburgh. I expect plenty of the same from him this year if not more since he will be heavily relied upon in the passing game.

Offensive Line- There two tackles are questionable in pass blocking but Ben can move around enough to make up for that. As long as they have a balanced attack this group will be fine.

Defense- The Steelers front 7 will be a legitimate group, the only question mark is the rookie at linebacker Devin Bush. Steelers got solid pass rushers in Watt and Dupree. Along with 3 guys up front to stuff the run. Besides Joe Haden in the secondary, they might be in for a long season of getting torched.

Prediction- 5-11

Division- 1-5

Steelers are going to come in last in the division this season making Big Ben want to retire. He will not go out on a good note.

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