Chicago Bears Preview and Prediction

Quarterback- Mitchell Trubisky was solid for the bears last season, seems like more of a game manager, who is sneaky athletic. With a defense like the bears have though, all you really need is a guy who is going to manage the game and not turn the ball over. His weapons are decent, and one may have a break out season to help him on the offensive side of the ball.

Running backs- I think Tarik Cohen is poised for a breakout season, he split the load on the ground last year having only 99 carries for 444 yards. Where he stood out was in the passing game, he reeled in 71 receptions for 725 yards. He will have to be the consistent player on the bears if they plan on going far this season because I don’t see Trubisky being the consistent one.

Wide Receiver- Allen Robinson spear heads the bears group of receivers who only caught 55 balls last season, along side the undersized Taylor Gabriel who brought in 67. Besides these too the cupboard is pretty thin, hopefully the injuries won’t come into play.

Tight End- Trey Burton is a solid weapon for Trubisky. I expect him to keep it up this coming season. Expect he puts up the same kind of numbers.

Offensive Line- They will be a solid crew for the Bears this season, Kyle Long will keep them in check with the leadership skills he has. Combine that with a balanced offense I don’t see Trubisky going down too much this season. Cohen’s 4.5 yards per carry average speaks for itself.

Defense- Lights out! Khalil Mack the clear leader of this bunch with a solid group of linebackers along with him that get to the ball quick. Secondary is a little bit of a worry at safety but Mack and company won’t allow that much time for the opposing QB to sit in the pocket anyway.

Prediction- 11-5 and win the division. In my mind they are clearly the front runners in this division with that defense.

5-1 in the divison

wins- broncos, redskins,raiders, giants, eagles, saints

losses- lions, chargers, chiefs, cowboys, rams

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