Anthony Davis to the Lakers, Now What?

The Los Angeles Lakers just made themselves instant contenders with the Davis trade that now has him teaming up with LeBron James. They were able to keep Kyle Kuzma, a player with plenty of potential. Now they need to go out and build a team around them, with about 27 million in cap space. So who in free agency should they target? Another big name or split up that cap space on role players? I’d say there best bet is to split it up. They have 5 players total on their roster.

The Lakers know they need some guards, for the low and some wing shooters. So who should they go after?

For point guards you got Derrick Rose, Terry Rozier, Elfrid Payton, Malcolm Brogdon, and Patrick Beverely all making below 6 million last year.

At shooting guard Danny Green, JJ Redick, Terrance Ross, Jeremy Lamb, and Reggie Bullock all making below 12.5 million last year.

Small forward who are free agents include Kris Middleton, Bojan Bogdanovic, Rudy Gay, Kelly Oubre, and Trevor Ariza, all making 15 million or below. Kelly Oubre on the lower end of the pay scale a guy with high potential.

Cheaper power forwards out there are Marcus Morris, Al-forauq Aminu, Bobby Portis, Markieff Moriss, and Jeff Green all making below 10 million.

At potential backup centers to Davis the Lakers got Demarcus Cousins, Brook Lopez, Willie Cauley-Stein, and Thomas Bryant to choose from all making below 7 million last year.

If it were me, you already got 3 potential starters, Davis at center, Lebron and Kuzma at power forward or small forward, they can easily switch the 2 positions. So now you got to fill out your starting five.

I would go get a veteran like Derrick Rose and a younger guy in Elfrid Payton that can be an assist machine. At shooting guard that don’t come cheap I think a guy like Terrance Ross would be a perfect fit, or a veteran like JJ Redick. For the small forward position Lakers should go after Kelly Oubre hands down and let him develop even more, or take the vet Bojan Bogdanovic. Marcus Morris or Bobby Portis would be my choices for power forward and to round it out at center would be Cousins for cheap, or bring back Brook Lopez to the Lakers.

Lakers could win a championship next year looking something like this

Starting 5:

PG: Elfrid Payton

SG: Terrance Ross

SF: LeBron James

PF: Kyle Kuzma

C: Anthony Davis

Bench players (or starters): Demarcus Cousins, Kelly Oubre, Marcus Morris, Derrick Rose, Reggie Bullock.

But we will see what the Lakers do in handling the off season.

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