Baltimore Ravens Preview and Predictions

Quarterback- There is no question that the Ravens have a run first quarterback in Lamar Jackson, and it worked last season. So is the same thing going to work this season? I don’t think so, defenses are going to be geared up for this time around, much like the wildcat offense getting destroyed after a year. Unless Jackson and the Ravens commit to throwing the ball I think Lamar is in for a baddddd sophmore slump. He might of just been a one year wonder, but lets hope not.

Running Backs- Picking up Mark Ingram from New Orleans was a solid move and should upgrade the running back spot tremendously. He is getting a little bit up there in age for running backs he will get the job done and will mesh well with Jackson and this run game. His back up will be Gus Edwards that did some nice work last season when the injury bug hit.

Wide Receivers- Not good, not good at all. Probably worst in the league this season. They will start Willie Snead and probably Marquise Brown. Not a whole lot to say here. (go get Dez)

Tight Ends- This group got some pretty solid playing time last year. None of them are studs but, they all will get the job done. Mark Andrews and Nick Boyle will probably be out there the most and be relied upon heavily in the short passing game. They don’t have a whole lot more options and those two are probably the best they got as of right now.

Offesive Line- Solid group that blocks the run well. As far as pass blocking for a scrambling QB, that is nearly impossible, that is like run blocking for Barry Sanders. Just get in front of somebody and hopefully good things happen.

Defense- They may end up having the best secondary in the league if Earl Thomas comes out and plays like he did before the injury. They will need it too with the Wide Receivers in their own division. The front 7 has question marks but Baltimore has always been known for their defense, I don’t expect that to change. However will it be enough to slow down their own division? I don’t know.

Prediction- 6-10

No passing game, plus a young, unproven, front 7 on the other side of the ball, doesn’t ad up for a stellar season.

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