Minnesota Vikings Preview and Prediction

Quarterback- I got mixed feelings on Kirk Cousins. To me last year was a fluke that Minnesota didn’t make the playoffs. Cousins did not have a terrible year, and he played well. He has the weapons to get it done this year, hopefully moving 3 quarterbacks on their roster last year to get Kirk Cousins wasn’t a mistake.

Running Backs- The jury is still out on Dalvin Cook. Right now he is showing flashes of talent and then looking like an injury prone draft bust and they need to move on. I see them moving on after the season, and going in a different direction to get their balance offense they need.

Wide Receivers- Adam Thelein was one of the best in the league last year along side Stefon Diggs who was great in his own right. I do not see anything changing with these two studs on the outside this year. Business as usual for them.

Tight End- Kyle Rudolph has been a long time fixture in this Minnesota offense. He is as reliable as they come in the passing game and running back as well. I have no reservations in this area barring any long term injury he may acquire throughout the season.

Offensive Line- This is a stable group of guys. They could use a running game to help them out so the defense isn’t straight rushing the passer every time. My perspective is they will see that this coming season. Forced to react instead of being able to initiate the block.

Defense- They will be top 5. That was in danger before they resigned Anthony Barr, however they finally got a deal done and this defense is ready for another dominant season.

Prediction- 10-6 and they make the playoffs.

Them not getting in last year was a fluke year, Cousins is good enough theyll be in this year.

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