Detroit Lions Preview and Prediction

Quarterback –Could this be the year we see Matthew Stafford reach his full potential? I know a lot of Lions fans hope so. On paper they have a solid supporting cast for him, and for the first time in years it looks like they will have a solid running game. They caught a glipmse of that last year when I witnessed play action passes actually working for the Lions, first time in years.

Running backs- The rookie out of Auburn, Kerryon Johnson gave Detroit something to be excited about this coming season. He looks to be the best running back the Lions have had since Barry, no I’m not comparing the two. With him and C.J. Anderson who they picked up in the off season, they could actually win a few games with ball control and time of posession.

Wide Receivers- Kenny Golladay is another young Lion that is poised to have a breakout season. I think he is clearly there #1 guy going into the season, and rightfully so. Then you got aging veterans that should be solid in Marvin Jones and Danny Amendola most likely in the slot. If they can stay healthy they will be solid in this department.

Tight Ends- Personally I’m more excited to see what Jesse James does for them then their 1st round pick T.J. Hockenson. James is not that flashy down the field tight end but he is in that Jason Witten mold to me, get 8 or 9 yards at a time and can come up huge on 3rd downs. I see a lot of 2 TE sets in the Lions future.

Offensive Line- If their play calling is well balanced this should be a solid group. However, if the Lions do Lions things and get pass happy, expect Stafford to go down all day long.

Defense- This group will have to rely on stopping the run, which they were able to last season after aquiring Damon Harrison last season. And when it comes to the pass they will have to get pressure on the opposing QB, because their coverage is suspect besides Darius Slay. Picking up Trey Flowers in the off season will help their cause.

Prediction- 8-8 I think they go 3-3 in there division, Lose to the Chargers, Chiefs, Cowboys, Eagles, and Raiders (toss up).

Wins against the Giants, Cardinals, Broncos, Redskins, and bucs.

They could very well go 10-6 but theres too many variables for me to trust the lions to not do lion things.

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