Nick Mullens, San Francisco Backup

I don’t know if anyone was paying attention last season, but this guy Nick Mullens is the real deal. He played 8 games for the San Francisco 49ers, who were banged up all year long. Still he managed to put up solid numbers with backups everywhere. How are other teams not trying to go out and get this guy? The perfect landing spot for this guy would be to go to a team with an aging quarterback about ready to call it quits. 3 teams come to mind, the New England Patriots, New Orlean Saints, or the Los Angeles Chargers.

In 8 games he passed for 2,277 yards, he threw 13 touchdown passes to 10 interceptions, and had a quarterback rating of 90.8. Not bad for a rookie campaign in this league and his division featuring the Seahawks and Rams, two of the more elite defenses. Especially when you take some of the greats to play the game into consideration on how they were their rookie year. Peyton Manning for example, played all 16 games, threw for 3,739 yards, 26 touchdowns, and 28 interceptions. John Elway started 10 games, where he threw for 1,663, 7 touchdowns to 14 interceptions.

He came out of Southern Mississippi, the same school Brett Favre came from and Mullens wears the number 4, he takes chances like Favre did too. If he is anywhere near Favre’s caliber he would be well worth someone giving him a shot, 10 or 12 teams at the bottom of the league would be smart to keep an on this guy.

Anyway, here’s to Nick Mullens hopefully getting a well deserved opportunity in the NFL to become a starter somewhere.

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