MLB Daily Fantasy Advice June 19

We will looking at the late games today starting with PHI vs. WSH and beyond. So tonight we have a 10 game slate for fantasy play.

I said it in my last two segments, but I will say it again. I tend to concentrate on 4 different batting lineups when there is 10 games or more after looking at all the pitching matchups.

Also keep in mind I’m usually on Fanduel for baseball daily fantasy rather then Draft Kings or elsewhere.

Pitchers I like for today:

Rich Hill– 4-1 record, 2.60 era, 55 strikeouts going against the Giants.

Lucas Giolito– 10-1 record, 2.22 era, 95 strikeouts

Trevor Williams– 2-1 record, 3.33, and 42 strikeouts in only 54 innings, he is returning to form.

Zach Greinke- 7-2 record, 2.87 era, 82 strikeouts, I would not suggest starting if it was at Colorado but he is at home for Arizona.

The 4 batting lineups I will be looking at today for my lineup would be: Angels, Pirates, Dodgers, and Indians.

Tip: With Fanduel I look at the home run hitters that are cheaper. You could have a guy go 3-4 with 3 singles and only wind up with 9 points compared to that guy that went 1 for 5 with a home run getting 12 points if its a solo one. The 6 and 7 hitters seem to be cheaper but, still usually have similar power to the 3,4, and 5.

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