James Harden and the Rockets

So Rumor has it that the Houston Rockets are shopping around Chris Paul because him and James Harden don’t seem to be getting along. Along with trading Clint Capela, so what will that team look like if that happens? Not all that great. Kenneth Faried is a free agent coming up, and after that they have Eric Gordon.

Could we be seeing the beginning of the end of James Harden as a Rocket as well? He is up there in age where he could want a ring now more than his money and be willing to settle for a little bit less. Or the Houston Rockets could restructure their roster and start all over again with James Harden being the main cog in that machine. He has been for years now, and has been great at it doing so however, over the past 10 years it has been proven you can’t just do it with one. For how good Harden is, he is not exempt from that fact, and it doesn’t help he had the Warriors standing in his way these past years.

My personal take, if Chris Paul and Clint Capela is traded, Harden mine as well take his talents elsewhere as well. He deserves to have a ring before he leaves this game. Maybe before its all said and done, the original 3 of him, Westbrook, and Durant will team up again and give Oklahoma City a Championship, a man can only dream. But seriously with the diminished talent the Rockets will have one their roster he would be better off in a Knicks uniform or a team like possibly the Pelicans even though it is a smaller market. The Pelicans do have the assets to make that happen.

This NBA off season is setting up to be an interesting one…

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