Aftermath for the Warriors, is there run over?

What exactly are the Warriors going to look like after this off season? Will they retain Kevin Durant, knowing he will most likely be out all next season? Will Klay be there after his ACL tear that will leave him out maybe the same length of time as Durant? Do the Warriors want to take that chance that they’ll come back the same players, or move on with Steph and Draymond and grab a few other talented players when free agency hits? What happens with Demarcus Cousins? A lot of questions ahead for the Golden State Warriors.

As it stands right now Kevin Durant has a player option for 31.5 million, if I were him I’d pick it up. However, obviously Durant is one of those once in a lifetime players that a team would probably pay him this season to sit just to have him for the following season.

Draymond Green is up for a contract extension this offseason, which he deserves to get.

Klay Thompson and Demarcus Cousins are free agents and Klay deserves a max contract, injury or not. Cousins I’m not so sure he is okay playing 3rd or 4th fiddle to anybody.

If Kevin Durant leaves that will be a blessing in disguise so they can grab a Tobias Harris type player to team with Curry and Draymond till Klay gets back.

Whatever happens it should make for a real interesting off season.


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