Landscape of Free Agency in the NBA Now After KD Injury

Kevin Durant went down with an achilles injury last night which puts into question whether he will play next season. He has a player option to stay in Golden State or to go into free agency knowing he could be out a full year.

The big free agent is Kawhi Leonard, rumored to be staying with Toronto, with the clippers being in play. My guess is if he wins the chip in Toronto he stays if not he moves on.

Anthony Davis is not a free agent still having a year on his contract but their GM has made it known they are shopping him around. I’m sure the Lakers will go after him hard like they have been to team up with LeBron.

Kyrie Irving has been rumored to want to go to Brooklyn where they wanted to go after Durant as well, but with the injury do they try to get D’Angelo Russell to stay to team up with Kyrie? It might be a smart move to do that and have an elite backcourt.

Kemba Walker is out there probably wanting to go to a contender. Although the suns make for an intriguing landing spot with their young core without a point guard.

Klay Thompson is staying with Golden State, if any other team had a shot it might be the Lakers.

Kristaps Porzingis should stay with the mavs.

Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris should stay with the 76ers but you never know that team could break up as quickly as it got put together.

Demarcus Cousins I can’t see staying with Golden State but I could be wrong, whoever gets him won’t have to deal with a max contract however. So the landing spot for him is large, low risk high reward.

Vucevic I could see staying with the Magic however that particular team has had a past of letting good or great Centers leave. If some team makes a run at him he is gone.

Khris Middleton, stays with the Bucks and trys to make another run I beleive.

Julius Randle the guy no one is talking about out of New Orleans that has been a stud, will fly under the radar that I see going to the Knicks, Mavs, or Nets.

The upcoming free agent market just took a huge turn with KD going down it will be interesting to see how the NBA landscape changes going into next year.


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