Washington Redskins Preview and Prediction

Quarterback- Well they have 3 to choose from, problem is, they are not the greatest of choices. Colt McCoy who has been kind of a journeymen around the league, Case Keenum who made it to the NFC Championship 2 years ago but went to Denver and flopped, and then you got your 1st round pick, Dwayne Haskins. I don’t see any of them having a stellar year. Any of these 3 will need a lot of help from the running game. Through the air its not a good outlook for them this upcoming season, a lot of growing pains.

Running Backs- The ageless wonder Adrian Peterson is back after another 1,000 yard season. After that you have talent, but it is injury prone talent thus far. Chris Thompson can have flashes of brilliance but, can not seem to stay on the field. Along with rookie last year Derrius Guice, also injured. This offense will go how far Peterson will take them.

Wide Receivers- The Redskins do not have much for talent at this spot, or at least talent seen on the field. Josh Doctson and Paul Richardson head up their receiving corps. Between this situation and the QB situation in Washington it could get real ugly this season.

Tight Ends- Jordan Reed and Vernon Davis will be the bright spots in the passing game this year barring any injuries. They both have been reliable veterans over the years. This is where the passing game will flourish if it does at all.

Offensive Line- Anchored by LT Trent Williams this is a solid group that will get the job done. They will be a huge help in the passing game giving whoever starts at QB that little extra time that will be needed to make their reads. They are also solid in the running game helping the 34 year old Peterson get his 8th 1,000 yard season.

Defense- Landing Montez Sweat in the 1st round helps their defense in the pass rushing game. Josh Norman still shows consistency in covereage but that is only partial field. Ryan Kerrigan is a solid outside linebacker opposite side of Montez. All around I see a lot of weaknesses in this defense, that will get exposed this season. The Washington Redskins are definitely in rebuilding mode.

Prediction- 1-15

Sorry Washington it is going to be a rough year.


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