Mark Stevens, The big Picture Problem with the Wealthy, in Sports

For most of us, we will never have the pleasure of sitting courtside or sideline, front row at any type of sporting event in our lifetime. Which is fine, no big deal, not bashing people for having the money to afford those seats.

However, in particular, Wealthy individuals that think they can get away with anything in the world of sports is a problem. What Mark Stevens did last night was uncalled for, and showed no class. He should have to sell his part of the team and no longer be allowed to have ownership of another sports ever again. Simply because of what he did. I do not care how little of a shove it was, or what he said, the fact is he did it, and for that, he should be punished accordingly just like a player would.

You got some like him, not in that manner, but still want to seem to show up the team they are rooting for with their antics. Two other names come to mind, Drake, and Mark Cuban are also two other distractions to the game. To what everyone came to see, which is the game. Their doesn’t need to be a side show in sports. Peoples hard earned dollar to pay for the tickets to come to those games shouldnt be subject to all that extra stuff.

Take notice, Beyonce and Jay-z do it the right way. They come and enjoy the game just like everybody else, they do not make themselves part of it.

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