Lebron and his Unfluence over the Game

It is about time there is another athlete due to what he has accomplished actually use his voice and speak on the issues that are important, that matter. He is not satisfied just shutting up and playing the game.

In fact he has changed the game. Changed the culture, changed the way athletes due business changed the course of the NBA. That part of who he is should be applauded.

He has took some heat for running head coaches out of jobs, and I can’t defend that. However him simply speaking on what happenned with Mark Stevens and Kyle Lowry has made national news. Chances are because of his voice something will get done.

Lebron James should be the next President of the NBA association, no disrespect to Chris Paul but Lebron just has more influence and power to put the players in the best position to get paid and whatever else they need.

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