Hockey Tough

If there was ever any question about the toughness of a hockey player, let Blues defenseman Vince Dunn put that to rest. This dude is playing in game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals with his jaw wired shut after taking a puck to the face in game 3 of the western conference finals against the Sharks. To further the point, he’s doing it without a face mask. But hey, that’s the toughness of a hockey player. It ain’t basketball, it ain’t soccer, this is HOCKEY and the Stanley cup brings out the toughest.

So here’s to you, Vince Dunn, the baddest S.O.B on the ice tonight!

EDIT: add Bruins Zdeno Chára to the list. Writer walked up his stick and straight into his mouth. He pops right back out with blood streaming from his face. He’ll toss some stitches in there and he’ll be back shortly.

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