Does Kyrie got to Go?

Are the Boston Celtics better off without Kyrie Irving? The simple answer for me is, yes. I don’t believe Kyrie is that kind of superstar that makes players around him better. So to me the Celtics hit their glass ceiling with Kyrie this season, unless they get another superstar to pair with him. I love watching Kyrie, but the way this team is assemble, he doesn’t fit. I put the Celtics in the same mold as the Detroit Pistons 2004 championship team, with no real superstars. Kyrie would be better off teaming back up with Lebron out in L.A. or crazy enough, maybe with the Pistons that have the superstars in the front court.This is no knock on Kyrie, he is an amazing ball player, but I believe its the truth.Thoughts?


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