Top 5 Fantasy Wide Receivers this coming Season

1.) Julio Jones- 5 straight 1,400+ yards recieving, and I don’t see that slowing down anytime soon with Julio. Lack of touchdowns is a concern, the yards and number of catches usually make up for that with this guy. Jones always gets his targets, that won’t stop happenning.

2.) Michael Thomas- In his 4th season I see him improving once again on his numbers like he has every year through his first 3 seasons. Mind you he had 125 receptions last season. There might be a tiny downtick in his numbers because of Cook coming in but it will be minimal. He is a wide reciever that should go 1st round in PPR leagues.

3.) DeAndre Hopkins – He the most stable part of the Texans in the last 5 years and has consistenly maintained his numbers. With other young players on his squad coming back from injury and getting better, they will demand tight coverage. Leaving Hopkins in one on one situations, and he is coming down with that ball 9 times out 10. I like him in the red zone as well.

4.) Mike Evans- He is a great young wide reciever that always has potential for huge numbers. My prediction he has his best season yet,mix that in with the Bucs having to play from behind a lot, he makes for a terrific fantasy play every week.

5.) Kenny Golladay- I know you are thinking I’m absolutely insane for putting him at number 5 but, if you watched him play last season, the guy is the real deal, always consistently making those tough catches. Injury slowed him down the last 2 years and I’m predicting he stays injury free. Laugh at me now, cause you won’t be when he is winning you your fantasy league.

Players I failed to mention but will put up legit numbers.

Adam Thielen, Antonio Brown, A.J. Green, Odell Backham, T.Y. Hilton

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